For the Love of Gardening

This blog is for all people who have a passion for gardening. I look forward to sharing my gardening experience with you and I hope that you will comment and share your gardening experiences with me.  Gardening is a glorious experience that deserves to be shared!

I have been gardening since I was a child and as an adult I worked in a landscape and garden nursery for over a decade.  I went back to school in 2012 to get my graduate degree in law but my passion for gardening has never left me.  I am especially passionate about organic gardening not only my own health but the health of our beautiful planet.

I’m also an amateur photographer.  I love to take photos of my garden and all things in nature so I will share as many  photos as I can with you. Feel free to use my photos if you wish but please give me credit for them.  I would appreciate it!

Welcome to Simply Gardening. I am delighted to share a lifetime of gardening experience with you.

Happy Gardening!



Photos by Wanette Lenling


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