I have always loved the natural world and I’ve always had a creative streak in me that’s insatiable.  I’ve been a gardener since I was a child, learning to express myself through the process of design, planting, and care of my garden. As an adult I enjoyed working in the gardening industry for over a decade before going back to school to get my law degree.

My love of the natural world and my work experience in the gardening industry led me the realization that organic gardening was best for us and for the earth.  I feel strongly that we must all recognize the impact we have on the earth as individuals and as a whole, therefore, I do my best to garden so as to do no harm.  The earth gives us all we need to survive and thrive.  We need to honor her by treating her with respect and giving thanks for all that she provides for us.

Gardening is a healthy and creative activity where you can move your body, breathe fresh air into your lungs, and express yourself in new ways creating beauty in the landscape and growing your own healthy nutritious food.  Be unique, be you, and create away!

I truly hope that you enjoy this blog.

Happy Gardening!