The Black Hills (Paha Sapa) Of South Dakota

The Black Hills in South Dakota are one of the most beautiful places on earth  to visit.  The views are breathtaking.  But, to the Native Sioux People, the Black Hills or Paha Sapa,  is a holy place, their sacred mountains.  The words Paha Sapa when combined 295together describe the view of the hills from a distance in the Native Language.  Pa literally describes the sacred mountains emerging from the earth.

I have been to the Black Hills many times in my life.  The natural beauty combined with the flora and fauna of the area strike your soul like no-where else. It’s unforgettable. Elders of the Sioux used to describe Paha Sapa as the “heart of all there is” and amazingly satellite photos of the Black Hills show that the mountains are indeed in the shape of an actual human heart! 305

I recently found photos I took many years ago of wildflowers I found growing here and there along the hiking trails. Just for fun, I thought I would share them with you.  Enjoy!

Quote of the Day:  “Just as every biological being has a heart, every land has a heart too, a region that keeps the movement within it flowing.” – Ben First Eagle




For the Love of Gardening

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